Privacy Policy


Your information we save, and its usage


Mobile Phone Number:

Your mobile phone numbers are stored to our databases in following ways:

Email address:

Your email address is saved with your username. It is just used when we have to send you an email regarding received sms or scheduled sms.

An update email about any new service on the website may be received not more than 3 emails a month. If you wish to deactivate the emailing, just reply to any email with a request and you will opt-out from future emailing.


IP Addresses: 
We also store your IP address and it can also be provided to law enforcement agencies or can also be used to locate your identity by ourselves.


SMS Traffic:

All sms traffic is stored in our database. However, nobody is allowed to see the data without the authority of the company. This authority is only provided if we suspect that there is some illegal or unethical activity going on with our account.

If any law enforcing agency inside Pakistan contacts us for the data, we will provide your data to them without any notification.

Your data is completely safe with us until and unless you do not do anything illegal.