Terms Of Service


If you are using Inter-Organization Messaging System (IOMS), you abide by to agree the following terms and services:


Abusive Language:

Usage of abusive language is strictly prohibited on IOMS. If you use or receive messages or update your social status with abusive words, one of our moderator will check that message. Please note that the moderator can only see your message and your ENCRYPTED username. They do not have the authority to see your complete data. If your message is really abusive, then we will take action against its usage.


Multiple Accounts:

You can make just one account on the website. If you make more than one accounts on the website with or without your name, we have the authority to suspend all your account and seize all your data. If you wish to send more than the daily limit of sms per day, please subscribe to premium package.


Message Information / Account Deletion:
Since traffic on sms is very critical, we maintain all the data in your account even if we suspend your account. This data is made secure so that if it is required by law enforcement agencies, we can provide it to them. Therefore there is a record of every activity that you do on the website and it will be maintained.


Hacking / Spaming / Forging:

Any kind of hacking / spaming / forging will be reported with your complete details to law enforcement agencies to take action against the culprit.


Right to cancel subscription and or account termination / suspension:

We have the right to cancel your premium subscription, terminate your accounts and activity on the website completely or suspend your account with or without giving any reason.

Payment policy:

Every payment has to be done upfront. We do not offer any kind of refunds. Any payment made for any product related but not limited to IOMS is not entitled for any kind of return.


We reserve the right to terminate, downgrade or suspend a user's accounts on behalf of internal policies of the company. We can do this without giving any kind of reason to the user.

Change of policies:

We reserve the right to change, modify or remove our policies at any time without prior notification to users. All changes in the policies will be uploaded on the website, it is the sole responsibility of the user to take care of the changes.